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What can you expect after you’re arrested?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

When you’re arrested, you need to know that you have rights to protect from that point forward. You need to be quiet, not say anything that could harm your case and consider getting legal support.

After you’re arrested, you can expect four things to happen. Here is what to keep in mind if you face an arrest.

  1. Going to jail

The first thing to expect if you’ve been arrested is to be taken to jail. You may be taken to the hospital instead if you’re dealing with a medical problem, but for most standard arrests, jail will be the first stop.

  1. Getting searched

Many people don’t realize this, but before you’re taken to jail and when you arrive at the police station, it is legal for the officers to search you. If you were driving, your vehicle may also be searched. Any dangerous weapons or illegal substance may be taken into possession by the police. An inventory will be kept, so your personal belongings will be given back to you. However, illegal items will be held as evidence.

  1. Getting booked

After you are searched, you can be booked. During this process, you can give the officer your basic identifying information. You may have to provide a fingerprint or take a photograph for their records. These are all things you can do without an attorney. If you go on to the interview, then that’s when you will want to ask to speak with someone about your rights.

  1. Getting help

Finally, you can expect to have an opportunity to call for help. Contact a close friend or relative, or reach out directly to your attorney if you can. That way, you’ll be on the right track to having someone bail you out of jail (if allowed) and be able to begin building a defense.

These are four things that you can expect after an arrest. It’s normal to be searched, to go to jail and be booked and to need to reach out to someone else to help you get out of jail and on the path to defending yourself against the charges you face.