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3 times when police officers are on high alert for drunk drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | DUI |

Police officers in Hawaii consistently monitor the roads for warning signs of drivers who have had too much to drink. Those who have been arrested on driving under the influence (DUI) charges may have to pay hundreds of dollars to the state in fines and could end up in state custody. Their driver’s license is also potentially at risk.

Obviously, neither local residents nor tourists want to deal with the stress and challenges generated by a DUI charge. There are certain times when motorists may be at increased risk of a DUI traffic stop and arrest. Understanding when officers are likely to be engaged in heightened enforcement efforts can help motorists to make informed choices about whether they should risk even having a single drink before getting behind the wheel.

1. Right before and after the holidays

According to a nationwide analysis of when drunk driving collisions are most likely to occur, many impairment-related crashes take place on holidays or on the weekends that come right before or after major holidays. Thanksgiving, 4th of July and even Memorial Day all see a major uptick in drunk driving fatalities, so motorists can anticipate an increase in police presence on the roads during those times as well.

2. During popular tourist seasons

Spring break and the time right around the Christmas season are both times when tourist interest in Hawaii tends to surge. More tourists on vacation or celebrating holidays almost invariably means more people drinking too much and then trying to drive back to their hotel anyway. Times that often see a large increase in tourist presence frequently see an increase in law enforcement activity.

3. When bars close and after major events

Late at night when the bars all shut down because they can no longer lawfully serve alcohol, quite a few people who have had too much to drink will end up on the road. Drunk driving crashes tend to spike overnight in part because of the people going home when their favorite bar or restaurant closes.

Additionally, the hours immediately after a concert lets out or another major event occurs often see an increase in impaired driving crashes as well. Therefore, police departments will more likely have additional officers out looking for drunk drivers late at night, especially on weekends, and after major events.

Recognizing that there are times when officers are more eagerly looking to arrest people on DUI charges can help people make better choices and can also provide a basis for the criminal defense strategy under certain circumstances.