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Traffic Crime Convictions Still Lead To Serious Consequences

Many people underestimate the severity of a traffic violation citation. A speeding ticket or a citation for an illegal lane change can mean much more than a fine. “Just paying the ticket” to get it over with can also be hazardous to your driving privileges and more.

The safest thing for your future after you have been cited for a traffic violation is to ask a defense lawyer to evaluate your case and recommend a defense strategy. Schedule a consultation with attorney Jonathan Burge in Honolulu to learn more about your options.

Potential Penalties From Traffic Violations

It can feel tempting to simply pay the fine after you have received a traffic ticket. In fact, the court system seems to encourage people to do this – but that also means you are pleading guilty. You have the right to contest the charges. A lawyer can help you decide whether to fight your ticket. Jonathan Burge, Attorney At Law offers people a path to avoid one or more of the following consequences if possible:

  • A guilty plea on your record
  • Possible increased auto insurance rates or having your insurer drop your coverage
  • A suspension or revocation of your driver’s license
  • Difficulty getting or keeping jobs such as driving for Uber or driving a school bus

If someone was injured or killed in an accident that you were involved in or if you were charged with DUI, a guilty plea to a traffic violation can complicate your criminal case. To protect your interests, request an evaluation by an attorney.

What if you were visiting Hawaii, you live on the mainland and now you have learned that you were cited for running a red light while you were here? To protect your record and avoid having to return to Hawaii to contest your ticket, you should consult with a local defense lawyer. Mr. Burge can fight for a better outcome for you.

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Defense attorney Jonathan Burge has extensive experience with the traffic court systems in Hawaii. He can provide personalized attention for your case and advise you on what your best legal options are.

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